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Find your personal number plate

It's very straightforward!  We have created simple input boxes that guide you step by step through the process of creating your quality number plate. Start creating your custom number plate now!


Are you new to this?  Have you seen specialist number plates with numbers substituting letters?


Here's a topical example.  A city banker might want to buy a couple of exclusive number plates such as......


Bonus Plates


Fun aren't they?  To learn more about how to create your own individual number plates and to see many more examples, read our buyers guide to creating private number plates.


You may be looking for a custom number plate in a specialist area such as football number plates, business number plates, golf number plates and medical number plates.  We have therefore prepared a long list of 'Genres' (click the Genre button above right) to quickly find that unique number plate


Perhaps you paticularly want a plate that doesn't show its age. Well we've got that covered too. Just click on 'Dateless Plates' above right.



As you can see we've got lots plates suitable for everyone. In fact we've got over 30 million unique number plates for you to choose from. And rest assured you can buy from us in complete confidence, as we are members of the CNDA (Cherished Number Dealers Association).


Learn more about private number plates?

Do you know your 'dateless' from your 'suffix' or 'prefix' styles and ever wondered why there are different formats?


Let's take 'dateless': These are plates that don't display tell-tale year references and as a result create timeless cherished number plates. Suffix plates get their name from the simple fact that the year reference is tagged at the end of the registration. And guess what? Prefix style registrations have their year reference right at the begining of the number. Simple isn't it! Oh yes and finally there is the 'new style' or 'current style', which show the year reference in the middle.


That's the basics, but to learn more just  read our History Of British Number Plates.


Guess what? On a single page you can see all the unique number plates that have ever been issued and the date they were issued!

Get your FREE number plate valuation

We want to help you. If you've got a personal number plate that you're looking to sell, Ask-Reg offers a FREE valuation service.


We can take this further if you wish to sell with us. Our valuation is based on our opinion and our experience, but we are always pleased to listen to your own thoughts on the value of your plate.

Get your questions answered

When buying or selling custom number plates it may be useful to read through some of our frequently asked questions such as......


  • How do you assign personal number plates to vehicles?
  • Are all the cherished number plates from your site suitable for my vehicle?
  • How do I know how much my registration is worth?  Do you offer a number plate valuation service?

Pay with confidence

All transactions with Ask-Reg are completed through Lloyds TSB Cardnet and online transaction are processed by our trusted third party payment gateway provider Sage Pay and Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode (3D Secure)

Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode (MSC), which use 3D Secure technology, are the latest fraud prevention initiatives launched by the card schemes as a more secure method for authenticating the cardholder at the time of the transaction. VbV and MSC require the cardholder to enter a password during the transaction process. The cardholder will first need to register their password for VbV or SecureCode with their card issuer. 3D Secure is an online version of ‘Chip and PIN. In the same way a shopper would not provide the vendor with their PIN number over the phone, the shopper should not provide their 3D Secure password over the phone either.

Themed Searches  .

Are you looking for specialist number plates (or as we call them Genres) that single out your particular interest? Go to our Quick Search page where you'll find a wide selection of themed number plate collections such as football number plates, business number plates, car number plates, golf number plates and medical number plates.


Or how about about selecting individual number plates from our collection of word prefix plates which have descriptive words at the front leaving room for your personalisation at the end. A couple of examples of these exlusive number plates are BE57 XXX, where those three Xs are your initials or three letter word, or K155 XXX or even WE57 XXX.


We've also got a really great list of word suffix plates, which offer fantastic customisation opportunities. These are plates with three letter words at the end such as PUB, BOX, JOG, JAG, USA, etc. We've put together 200 or so examples for you to run searches against., Wyndmere House, Ashwell Road, Steeple Morden, Hertfordshire, SG8 0NZ 0845 900 2800

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